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At Gotoco we offer you an unrivalled opportunity to travel in and explore China—the ‘Middle Kingdom’ (中国). We provide fully-funded TEFL training and certification, and the chance to immerse yourself in local cultures, languages and stunning scenery. Hone your teaching and leadership skills on a summer project in China and inspire Chinese students to learn English and develop their soft skills. You’ll be able to boost your CV while contributing to improved global people-to-people relations: vital for a rapidly changing world. What’s more: we aim to make China accessible to a wider audience so there’s no fee to take part (or for your TEFL!) and your living costs in China are covered on your programme.
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I had a fantastic summer in China, at IDEAS camp, Changshu. I was able to build on existing communication skills and develop new ones as a result of being exposed to so many new experiences. My time with the campers was extremely rewarding and I was not only able to teach, but learn about myself in process. The camp brought various counsellors from all over the globe together, it was a great opportunity to share and learn about a variety of cultures. Although the work could be full-on at times, being around fabulous people in a completely new country made it all worthwhile. I would definitely recommend the experience.


September 4, 2020

The fact that the program is so affordable is mind-blowing considering what a great time I had. I got to meet so many lovely people that further introduced me to Chinese culture. It built my confidence and developed my leadership skills which will benefit employability in the future. One of the main highlights would be watching the children develop their English skills and see how their confidence as they were able to express themselves more. Finally, the application process was mainly straightforward but I did receive my placement quite late and so I had limited time to get my visa.


March 17, 2020

I had an amazing experience with Gotoco teaching in Shanqiu all summer 2019. The students were so happy and willing to learn, and I made so many great friends through the program and locally in China. My favorite part was our “camping” field trip with the students where we hiked, rafted in the river, and learned lots of history of the monks in the mountains. I would definitely recommend teaching with Gotoco! I also loved coming up with lesson plans at the local coffee shops and made friends there that gave me some inspiration for lesson plans. My favorite lesson was having a tea party and reading/ acting out Alice in Wonderland with my 8 year old class!


February 17, 2020

Going to Hangzhou for a month was an incredible experience where I discovered a completely new culture, made many new friends and came to understand the challenges of teaching English. Although I would highly recommend this program for those in the process of learning Chinese as it could be very difficult to communicate, this did not stop me from having a great time. Days were spent teaching English and participating in activities with children, as well as getting to know the fellow staff. Would highly recommend!