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Creative Hearts International Academy (CHIA) is now hiring: Early Childhood Educators / Preschool Teachers! *Starting Package ~ 100,000 NTD

đź’Ľ Not Specified
đź“Ť Taiwan, Taiwan
Job Description:

*Now Hiring Full-Time Preschool Teachers!*
Creative Hearts International Academy (CHIA) is looking for passionate, warm, professional, and dedicated teachers to join our team! APPLY HERE: www.creativehearts.com.tw/careers

CHIA is a modern, psychology-based preschool (ages 2-6) and elementary (6-12) English learning community in Dazhi, Zhongshan District, Taipei City. Founded and directed by child psychology experts, experienced educators, and school leaders from the world’s leading institutions.

CHIA’s learning environment puts children's physical and psychological safety first and is designed to help students cultivate a growth mindset and learn how to positively process and regulate emotions, build positive relationships and communicate effectively with others. CHIA’s hands-on learning approach encourages children to not only learn how to retain information, but also foster children’s depth of learning and passion for learning.

Open Positions (Full Time): ***Preschool Homeroom Teacher, Preschool Bilingual Co-teacher/Teaching Assistant, Elementary Homeroom Teacher, Art/Music/Chinese Subject Teachers, School Community Manager***
[Please email your resume to: info@creativehearts.com.tw to apply / find out more!]

- Hours: M-F 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
- Qualifications:
- Native English Speaker
- Minimum: Bachelor’s Degree in Education from an accredited institution (degrees in other related fields
will also be considered)
- Full-time early childhood homeroom teacher experience
- Teaching Credentials from a native English speaking country
- Ideal Candidates:
- Psychology/Early Childhood Education/Theatre Arts/STEAM background preferred
- High emotional intelligence
- Passionate learner with a growth mindset
- Warm and kind personality
- Strong communication, problem solving, critical thinking skills
- Team oriented, responsible, and professional
- Benefits: Continuous professional development opportunities, paid vacation days, ARC sponsorship, National Health & Labor Insurance, bonus and promotion opportunities


Creative Hearts International Academy (CHIA) is looking for a full time school community manager to uphold our school’s visions, values, culture, and promises to the students and families of our school in Dazhi, Zhongshan District.

The ideal candidate will be unequivocally in support of raising children to have a growth mindset, implementing positive discipline strategies only, and passionate about creating learning environments that put physical and psychological safety above all else. Roles and responsibilities will include:

- Building positive and trusting relationships with students, parents, and teachers in order to support the timely flow of information between them.
- Being a mindful observer and watchful eye over the children in our care, be on hand to respond and assist teachers when necessary.
- Identifying and evaluating instances when CHIA’s values and approaches have not been followed and delivering timely constructive feedback to teachers and parents to correct the situation.
- Facilitating and moderating discussion between teachers, parents and management whenever there is an incident that requires further discussion.
- Reporting to senior management about daily and weekly incidents and documenting anonymized case studies to use for internal training only on which strategies could be used in the future to prevent them happening again.
- Constantly updating the school’s staff handbook and operating protocols to ensure that physical and psychological safety are prioritized at every turn.
- Considering the well being and growth of our teachers to ensure their needs are met and they’re happy at work.

The ideal candidate will have a selection of the following qualifications, experiences, and strengths:

- A bachelor's degree or diploma in psychology and early childhood development and experience in school leadership or caregiving positions.
- Have experience as an impartial mediator between different stakeholders e.g. as a HR representative or community manager.
- A patient communicator, listener, and adept at delivering constructive feedback.
- Endlessly curious about mental health, effective parenting, and how children display emotion and communicate their needs.

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