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Full-time & Part-time Teachers Needed !

đź’Ľ Taiping Xinguang Franchise School
đź“Ť Taichung, Taiwan
Job Description:

Our school is in central Taiwan, it’s a new school and we just opened at the of year 2020. It's in Taiping Dist., Taichung City, it is a lovely city, the life is very convenient there, and there are trains and buses, can help you easily access to other county and places the way, our school is only 5 minutes away from the railway station.

Now we are recruiting a part-time teacher (Native English Speakers requested). we hope we can find the teacher who enjoys and loves children! (If you interesting full-time, We can discuss it during the interview)

**Monday to Friday, and some Saturday, 11:30 am ~8:30 pm (Have rest time)
**Salary: $60000 NTD/Per Month + (include Attendance Bonus...etc.)

**Mon to Fri, Afternoon and evening
**Salary:600~650 per hour

Employee’s Obligations
The employee shall be employed by the employer as a teacher, among other duties.
The employee agrees to accept the employer’s supervision and instructions, to carry out work pursuant to this contract, to maintain a good attitude, to take care of students’ safety during class and any other activities, and to maintain the school’s teaching standards.
The employee must willingly accept any new students into his/her classes if the school decides to place them there during the academic term if the maximum enrollment set for the class has not been reached yet.
This is a full-time, salaried teaching position. Teacher’s responsibilities
include, but are not limited to:
*Adhering to all instruction and direction from management;
*Implementing classroom preparation, instruction, and management;
*Writing all teaching plans and Parent Communication Corners and Report Cards;
*Carrying out the Reading Program;
*Designating Reward Points on a daily basis;
*Preparing and grading weekly quizzes and exams;
*Marking all teaching materials accurately and regularly, explicitly following the instructions of the Program Manager and Director;
*Decorating the classroom;
*Disciplining students fairly and consistently;
*Following school policies and cooperating with staff;
*Maintaining open communication with parents and the school;
*Organizing and participating in all school activities;
*Attending mandatory meetings and training sessions.

Please feel free to contact our faculty recruiter at xinguang.tc@eagletw.com & eagle@taipingxinguang.com

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