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⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply


1 on 1 Native English Teacher in Shanghai

💼 Chen
📍Shanghai, China
💰 Up To 350 CNY per hour
Job Description:

I'm looking for a native English speaker in Shanghai. You're not necessarily a teacher, and no teaching experience is required.

I'm an executive in an international company. I speak fluent French and English, so you won't struggle to talk to me. You don't have to prepare any materials before the class; I have plenty of topics to discuss. My purpose is to fully master English and benefit from this language for the rest of my life.

I especially want you to correct me when I make errors(grammar, non-native sentences); even though I look confident, please don't feel embarrassed even if I'm an adult. I'm going to pay you for this lesson, and you could probably benefit from our conversation from a Chinese perspective about the Chinese market, public speaking, organization management, human relationship building(specifically in China), etc.

Please contact me by
e-mail: yuchen11181989@gmail.com
wechat: yu-chen1118

⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply