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iTTi offers the gold standard in TEFL certification for teaching English abroad. We are proud to offer you the finest internationally accredited TEFL-classes both online and in-person. We at International TEFL Training Institute understand that and deliver an excellent, demanding training experience for the serious teacher trainee. We take pride in providing schools with enthusiastic teaching professionals who demonstrate clear leadership qualities, excellence in professional knowledge and love and commitment to the teaching profession.
📍Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Afganistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, Poland, Azerbaijan, Armenia, United States, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Madagascar
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How strongly I would recommend this course to anyone aiming at EFL teaching.!! The instructor and Director of the Centre is a high professional, with great experience and a very mature approach, all in all making the course, although very intensive, so enjoyable. I personally learnt a lot, and am so grateful for it. All students came from very different backgrounds and contributed to a great enriching experience! In one word, I loved it and would definitely recommend it at 200%!! I am now much more confident and am starting my new career (and my new business) as a Teacher with excellent full preparation. so, just go for it!!


September 7, 2019

I completed the TEFL certification in Paris in 2018 and returned in the summer of 2019 to volunteer to assist teacher trainees in teaching English to students. Students in Paris are invited to be taught English by TEFL teacher trainees and for the students it is free from any fees. I was able to further expand my own skills and thoroughly enjoyed working with the trainees and students. Steven Jacobson, our master teacher trainer, created a learning environment that was both safe and stimulating to trainees and students. Students worked daily to overcome common stumbling blocks in learning English as a Second Language, and the trainees were stretched using new skills to best instruct and help students get the best results. I am going back to volunteer again in 2020. I learn a tremendous amount from Steven regarding the psychology of learning and how to get the utmost out of students, while providing a fantastic experience for trainees.


August 15, 2019

This was a great course! Was very interesting and the professor is AMAZING! Honestly, I would recommend taking this course just for the teacher, Steven Jacobson. He is incredible. He helped me get several jobs just within the time frame of the class. I had a great group, we laughed and learned lots, I miss going every day.

Sometimes communicating with the head office in New York is discouraging; however, don't be discouraged. Once you reach Paris and once you reach Steven, you won't have any regrets!

Steven helped us get daily teaching practice, and the students are wonderful. The Paris TEFL program has students of all ages: kids, adolescents, young adult, and adult. So if you want to improve any type of teaching practice, you will have the opportunity here.

Would recommend!


September 6, 2018

I have enjoyed the iTTi course in August 2018. The trainees had a lot of practice as we taught every day. We had the occasion to work with different students and develop strong teaching relationships with them. The course focuses on teaching practice, and there is very little theory on the program. What I enjoyed most was the excellent atmosphere among the group of trainees. The school provides little career support and the program is not as intensive as advertised.

I would overall recommend taking the course if you're considering settling in Paris.