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TravelBud TEFL

TravelBud TEFL

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TravelBud is a specialist teach abroad organisation helping people experience unique and rewarding cultural adventures abroad. Our mission is to share the transformative power of immersive travel which expands world views by creating global citizens who are more prepared, responsible, and compassionate humans.
📍Online, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Myanmar
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⭐ Featured Review

It was one of the most enriching experiences ever, Thai people are by far the most welcoming and friendly people I've encountered, even being back home my Thailand connects are still making me feel the love across continents.

The Travelbud team was a great support structure throughout the process, the fact that you guys are there from the very beginning and continue to follow through throughout the process is amazing. I can say that you guys are hands down the best agency in the game from what I've heard. The welcome dinner and the braai are great touches!

I literally have not a bad word to say about my experience with Travelbud and definitely feel like I got my money's worth. The only constructive criticism that I would pass on would be the handover from you guys to your in-country partner, there were some slight gaps there, perhaps because of the outstanding amount of information that we were getting prior to the handover..

The biggest gap in the first bits of communication from TravelBud's in-country partners (I and many others felt) came in as far as costs were concerned. As much as we're told about the big budget figure that we're expected to have to carry us through, it's just lovely to have a breakdown of just how much of it is gona slip right out of our fingers in the very first week. So things like, bank card costs, songteaw for the month, breakdown of accommodation costs from H-Residence to Hua Hin accommodation etc. but all in all that is not enough to leave a dent in the experience so all's well that ends well.

That said, moving from the course to my placement made my experience that much more amazing. Ayutthaya became home away from home within no time! Having a place where even through the language barrier you can feel the love, is priceless. I straight up cried my entire last week in the place and almost a month later, I'm still getting an out-pour of love from my students something I will carry with me forever and a day!

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone as it will change the way you see the world forever!


July 21, 2021

My experience as an English teacher in Thailand is amazing because of the new space I am in. The culture is very warm and the people are always kind. It really encourages you to challenge yourself and see life in a different perspective. The ability to travel and experience a new culture while working is a huge bonus. I highly recommend this program to people who are outgoing and not afraid to take risk. It is also for people who are eager to learn new cultures and spaces. It give you a reason to stay motivated in life


April 16, 2020

Travelbud has honestly been the best company to come overseas with. They have been so supportive and helpful. always checking in and emailing me to see if I need anything. Just such a great company to go through. They help me through the paperwork process so amazingly! They’re just so great! Just enjoyed the agency they placed me with and everything. They are great. They have a great media presence and care about their teachers. We’re like a big family! The people are so friendly and kind and just want to help


April 15, 2020

I know the program costs a lot of money. But consider it an investment. Not only do you get a TESOL qualification taught in person (better than an online TEFL) which you can use anywhere, but you will also grow as a person. The teaching work in Vietnam is very rewarding, with 80 hours a week teaching paying over £1000 a month (after tax). It's incredibly easy to save, and still live in great accommodation. I've met many amazing people and picked up a second language and several hobbies thanks to all my free time. I feel 10x more confident in myself, and I love living in Vietnam. The people are so friendly, especially if you learn a little Vietnamese.