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UNI-Prep Institute

UNI-Prep Institute

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UNI-Prep is a private institute and we offer courses in teacher training (TEFL/TESOL), business and management. All our courses can be done online from anywhere in the world. Learn more about online education by visiting our guide.
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I would like to say, if anyone is looking to under take the TESOL course to hardly consider Uni-Prep based in Toronto, Canada. The material is extremely well written and extremely comprehensive. If you are looking to make a life changing decision as I have in becoming a TESOL Certified teacher. This is the program that I feel has the best to offer along with extremely good accreditation. I searched the web, by accident I found Uni-Prep, it was one of the best accidents that has happened to me. I can't say enough about the support offered as it fully exceeded my expectation as did the course material. I also would like to extend a tremendous thank you to Tanya for all her help and encouragement throughout the course. Highly recommended and highly valuable course.


Rob Hunchak


September 8, 2022
I am happy I took this course, it is a wonderful opportunity to attune your teaching experience and so many other thigs related to teaching English to people of different ages, backgrounds and cultures. Previously, I took CELTA, and I was wondering whether I should also do a TESOL/TEFL course. So I did. I don not regret it. It's an extra addition to any other teaching course one may have taken. This 250-hour TESOL Diploma course has been wonderful, very professional videos and explanations, the readings, the availability to download them is great if you ever want to return to them and brush up on your teaching methods or review something at a glance. I really enjoyed this course, it took me just a few days to complete it, and had I another chance of doing it again, I would go for it. In other words, I highly recommend it, take it, you won't regret it!


August 11, 2022
I don't know why I doubted myself. This program makes everything almost too easy! Affordability, easy to follow instructions, and connections! I am just starting the job search, but all the information is at a touch of a button. I am expecting a job reply soon!


August 9, 2022

It'was a wonderful experience with professional team support, with their fast and perfect feedback, I'm so glad that I've chosen this UNI PREP Institut for this TESOL / TEFL experience

Thank you
Best Regards