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⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply

25-35K Month International And Bilingual School ESL-Homeroom- Physics-Math-Biology-Chemistry-Art-Music-Drama-Pe-Literature-Psychology-Geography-History-Economics-Aug 2023 Start Beijing-Shanghai-Shenzhen-Guangzhou-Nanjing-Tianjin-Suzhou-Wuxi-Xiamen-Hangzhou-Zhangjiagang-Fuzhou-Qingdao-Ningbo

💼 China Meiyuan academy
📍Shanghai, China
💰 Competitive Salary
Job Description:


1. English Native speakers;

2. Bachelor degree and above in related subject;

3. Minimum 2 years related subject and level teaching experience;

4. Eligible for work visa in China;

Job lists:

Position 1: Native Kindergarten teachers needed in Beijing,Shanghai,Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Dalian,Xiamen,Fuzhou,,Zhuhai,Lingshui,Wuxi,Changsha,Suzhou,Hangzhou,Yiwu,Shenyang,Yiwu,Chengdu,Guiyang,Jinan,Wuhan

Position 2: Beijing haidian need middle and high school English teacher, High school Math,Physics,Chemistry, biology teacher; middle school English teacher, primary school homeroom teacher,ESL,PE teachers; Beijing Changping need Head of English in PYP department ,Primary school homeroom teacher,middle school Math teacher,High school English and history teacher ; Beijing daxing need kindergarten homeroom teacher,primary school ELA teacher(grade 1-2); primary and middle school music teacher,middle school history,social study teacher,middle and high school science teacher; Beijing chaoyang need middle school English teachers,Secondary School Science Teacher (background or teaching certificate on Physics or Chemistry preferred), Humanities Teacher (background or teaching certificate on Economics or Psychology preferred), English Literature,Primary School Classroom Teacher,homeroom teacher, Drama Teacher,PE,art,music teacher,Library teacher;Beijing Shunyi district need middle school science,primary school homeroom and middle school homeroom teacher, PE teacher,high school design teacher,librarian;Beijing Huairou district need high school Math & physics Teacher,ESL teacher, Music teacher,Economics & Business Teacher, PE Teacher, Psychology Teacher; Beijing Chaoyang need psychologist for children

Position 3:Shenzhen longhua district need kindergarten and primary school homeroom teachers; Nanshan district need middle and high school English teachers, computer science teacher,High school physics,Biology and Math teachers,Nanshan need primary school ESL teachers,drama teacher,PE teacher,middle school grade 7&8 science teacher; Futian district need primary school female teachers;Longgang district need Economics,Chemistry teachers;

Position 4: Wuxi need primary school teachers teaching art,dance,science

Position 5: Qingdao needs high school literature teacher,Math,Biology, physics teacher,Qingdao kindergarten need principal,primary school English teacher

Position 6: Hangzhou need High school Math,physics,Biology, Computer Science,Sociology,Psychology,Art teachers, Primary school ESL and middle school ESL teachers,AP Chemistry and AP Environmental Science teacher

Position 7: Taicang need middle school English teacher 

Position 8: Guangzhou need Primary school English teachers,High school English teacher, Math,physics,Chemistry,History,literature,Psychology teachers,middle school art and English teachers;English / Homeroom Teacher For Lower Primary;Secondary English Language and Literature Teacher

Position 9: Shanghai need primary and middle school English teachers, Math teachers, high school English,economics,biology teachers

Position 10: Jinan need middle and high school English teachers,German teacher,no office hours

Position 12: Suzhou need high school English,physics,chemistry,economics,Art teachers,Math teachers

Position 13: Nanjing need kindergarten homeroom teacher, primary school English and homeroom teachers,middle school English and Math teachers;French teachers for primary school, IT/Music/Art/PE teachers;Nanjing public high school need ESL teacher,Nanjing need IGCSE&Alevel Math teacher, English literature teacher, PYP1/2 homeroom teacher,Kindergarten teacher

Position 14: Fuzhou need kindergarten teacher,high school English literature teacher

Position 15: Zhangjiagang public school needs primary school English teachers 

Position 16:Yiwu need Kindergarten Homeroom and English teachers, primary school Homeroom and English teachers, middle and high school oral English/IELTS teacher 

Position 17: Langfang need English and computer teacher 

Position 18: Shenyang need High school EAP teacher, Research Methods teacher, Math,physics,Chemistry,Biology teachers; primary school English teachers

Position 19: Kunshan need primary school English teacher, Math,physics,biology,chemistry,music,economics,psychology,computer science and ESL teachers

Position 20: Taian need university teacher

Position 21:Dalian need kindergarten and kids language center native teachers,Dalian need high school business English teacher and Math teacher

Position 22: Daqing needs high school English teacher and economics teachers;Harbin need kindergarten and primary school teachers

Position 23:Tianjin need primary and middle school English teacher,high school English teacher; Head of English program in senior school with VCE curriculum; native subject teachers with OCT needed

Position 24: Chongqing need high school English and drama teacher,primary and middle school English teacher

Position 25: Ningbo need business and economics teacher 

Position 26: Shangqiu university need native English teacher and Japanese teacher

Position 27: Hainan need kindergarten teacher,primary school and middle school English teachers 

Position 28:Xi’an need primary school teacher

Position 29: Wuhan need primary school EAL teacher (can teach art or drama)

Position 30:Shenyang need IB TOK and CAS teacher, high school biology,chemistry and English teacher

Position 31: Changsha need kindergarten and primary school teachers, Changsha need lower secondary homeroom teacher(majored in biology/math), high school economics, Math , science teachers

Position 32:Chengdu need kindergarten homeroom teacher,DP & Alevel Visual Art Teacher,Music & Drama Teacher in Aug; Kunming need Math Teacher,Psychology Teacher

Documents to apply

---a Resume/CV with a recent photo 

---a copy of your passport photo page

---a copy of degree and teaching certificate

Feel free to contact me if you are interested!

Email:  eslbj01@126.com;karenesl@126.com

WeChat: Chinajob5000


To apply, email eslbj01@126.com

Website: http://126.com

⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply