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Teach At The Best School In The Multiverse

💼 Twin-kle
📍 Korea, Korea
Job Description:


1 Mokdong- Seoul

2 Daechi- Seoul

3 Songdo- Incheon

4 Jeongja- Bundang

Starting date: 

February/March 2022 for elementary at any location

Age Group: 

Grade 1-6 



2.5 million won with housing 

Or 3.2 million won with no housing


Working Hours 

1:00- 9:00 PM afternoon schedule

Benefits: Medical insurance, pension, severance

Housing- Yes, we give good housing and if you don’t need it, you can receive a higher salary of 3.2 million won



• Citizenship from US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa or New Zealand

• Minimum of a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university

• Provide a clean national background check

We’re looking for a teacher who 

Is passionate about literature and writing

Loves to read and actively reads novels

Will push kids to work super-hard but with encouragement and love 

Is able to control students when they are getting too wild 

High energy, outspoken, articulate, and funny 

Enjoys working independently without much guidance 

Responsible, organized, and good at thinking on your feet

Check us out:

Here is a website we started for our teachers to tell about their experience teaching at Twinkle



Here is a video that tells more about our vision.  It features students of ours who have learned with us for more than 5 years and teachers who have worked with us for more than 6 years.  You can check out other videos on the same channel. 



 You can also see the interaction between our kids and teachers at www.twin-kle.com


Writing and videos by our brilliant students- your positive comments are welcome ^ ^



Information about our academy in (Korean) 


Come to Twinkle. Filling Minds with Wonder!!! 

How we are different 

• Vision- to change education in Korea- make it fun and creative! 

• Very approachable team who will help you 

• Your bosses, the owners, are native English speakers and teachers and are passionate about teaching 

Email- twinkle.songdoapplications@gmail.com for Songdo/Incheon elementary

Email- twinkle.andrew@gmail.com ; for Daechi/Seoul

Email - twinkle.samuelk@gmail.com for Bundang 

Email- twinkle.jaysonteacher@gmail.com for Mokdong/Seoul elementary

Please send specific cover letters, no generic cover letters


To apply, email twinkle.andrew@gmail.com

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