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Great Schools All Across Korea Many Locations And Negotiable Pay

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Job Description:


Mission & Vision

Created in 1960, SLP has been perpetuating the education philosophies of Sogang University. SLP aims to help children develop and face any challenges they may come across as they grow up. At SLP we want our students to not only perform well in exams but also be able to think, act and dream in English.


Grade Levels

1. Kindergarten (Ages 5-7 years old)
2. Elementary School (Ages 8-11 years old)
3. Middle School (Ages 12-13 years old)



SLP has many locations spread across the country from the bustling capital city of Seoul to the southern beaches of Busan.  No matter where you choose, you’ll be able to travel easily to other parts of the country and explore all Korea has to offer in your free time.

To apply, email esl2.theworknplay@gmail.com

⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply