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⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply

Direct Hire 2.6 3.3 Million Housing Allowance And Benefits Professional Educators With

💼 Doctor English Academy
📍South Korea
💰 Competitive Salary
Housing Allowance
Medical Insurance
Severance Pay
Job Description:

Here is your chance to join a growing academy that has quadrupled in size admist the COVID epidemic.  We attribute our growth to a professional work environment, sound research based teaching methodologies, and a true desire to educate.

We believe that happy teachers lead to happy students and it has proven to be highly effective.

KaKao Channel: https://pf.kakao.com/_kPcKxb

Website: www.doctorenglish.co

Youtube: @OchangDE

Branch 1: https://naver.me/G8UsLvjS

Branch 2: https://naver.me/FQIW2057

Executive Summary:

Korean Speaking Ability (At least Intermediate) is a MUST.  You need to be comfortable dealing with students who are not able to speak or understand English.

We are looking for a teacher that would be able to teach Elementary school beginners the ABC's and Phonics, as well as, teach discussion and grammar classes to our middle school students. 

Fun, Energetic, and Creative with a True Desire to help children learn.  

Salary: 2.8~3.5+ Million Won (Commensurate with experience, degree, and Korean speaking ability) + Benefits + Housing Allowance

2.5~2.7+ Million Won for Entry Level Positions (Commensurate with experience, degree, and Korean speaking ability) + Benefits + Housing Allowance

Hours: 1pm to 9pm | 6 classes per day. (No split shifts / No extra weekend classes) | 1.5 hour prep time | 5~10 minute breaks between classes | 50~55 minute classes 

Part Time Positions are also available.

Students: Elementary and Middle School | 8 Students per Class | Student Levels Range from Phonics to Conversation Classes

Staff Size:  6 Native Teachers / 4 Korean Teachers / 6 Support Staff Members (As of 01/2024)

Location: Cheongju which is located 1.5 hours away from Gangnam via bus.  It is a “Suburb-like” city just south of Seoul, with everything necessary for a comfortable stay in Korea.  Most of our teachers are from Tri-State Area and are accustomed to city life, they have no issues with this area due to its easy accessibility (airport, ktx, and bus station) and close proximity to shops and restaurants.

About the Academy:

The Academy:  Established in 2015, the academy is AMERICAN owned and operated.  The owner is also an educator and teaches classes directly, so the various perspectives and concerns of students, teachers, and parents are understood.  

We believe that happy teachers make happy students.  Thus, we try our best to keep our teachers happy and focused on delivering the best classes that they can.  Parent Contact or Phone Calls are not required as the administrative staff support the teachers with this.

Curriculum / Teaching:  The academy does not use a standard/typical Korean curriculum.  The curriculum has been developed by the teachers and has been proven to be effective and reliable.  The teachers that have developed this curriculum have years of experience working at some of the top name brand academies, and have sought to improve upon or fill in missing areas of those curriculums. There is no page turning of course books, the teachers are given freedom to teach lessons that follow a Roadmap of Skills.  Thus, classes are more engaging and student centered.


Single, non shared, housing Or Housing Allowance

Severance bonus upon completion of the 1 year contract

Standard National Medical Insurance and Pension.

No Weekend Classes / Split Shifts

10 Vacations Days Per Year + All National Holidays (Red Days) / Personal Days and Sick Days.   Additional Days are Negotiable.

Preferred Qualifications:

Degree in Education

Bilingual / Intermediate Korean Ability

True Professional:  Being a teacher is not about clocking in and clocking out.  It's about helping your students grow and learn.  Often times, this means that you are actively seeking teaching moments to help your students.  This is a professional salaried position.

Creativity.  Being a good story teller and the ability to help children make connections is important.

Fun and Energetic Personality.  This is crucial as most of the classes are game based.  

Flexibility.  Being a good teacher means that you will be faced with difficult decisions in the classroom.  We are looking for candidates who are experienced enough to handle diversity.

TEFL/TESOL Certificates are a plus.

Masters/Phd Degrees are a plus.

3 years of experience teaching young children in an Academy environment is a plus.

Basic computer skills such as Typing and MS Office knowledge.

Most importantly, A True Desire to Help Students with a Warm Heart

Required Documents:


Degrees/Certifications (Originals and Copies that have been Apostilled)

Criminal Background Check (Apostilled/Korean Embassy Stamp)

Please note that a medical check will be required upon arrival in Korea

To apply, email chris.hong@doctorenglish.co

⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply