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⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply

Graduate Program First Time Teachers Nationwide In China

💼 TFT & TEFL Nomad
💰 Competitive Salary
Flight Reimbursement
Job Description:

Our Teach English in China Program is our most popular opportunity! Placements typically start with our orientation and further teacher training which takes place during the last two weeks of August in China, then you will start with your school in September. We want you to be earning enough to save, travel and spend money as you please whilst here, so all of our placements offer a great salary and benefits:

TFT is a leading organisation for China Public School placements and has been recognised as an award winning program for three years running.

Looking to get out to China even sooner? We have a smaller intake for the Spring Semester (fly out February 2024)

**** Native English Speakers Only ****

What's Included in the program?

Salaries range from 10,000 to 19,000+ RMB per month! 

FREE accommodation (excluding Shanghai, due to a higher salary)

4-6 weeks winter vacation in January + 2 month summer break

Flight reimbursement (both ways)

Visa & legal fee reimbursement (depending on location)

120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course online before arrival

Orientation and teacher training once in China

24/7 guidance and support throughout the whole process and once in China

Assistance with criminal record check, visa process and authentication of documents

A guaranteed paid placement teaching English in China with an approved school

Assistance with bank and sim card set up

TFTs Survival Guide to China

TFTs Lesson Plan Library

Private group chat with all applicants

Check out our China Graduate Program webpage here: https://www.thefewerthings.com/teaching for more details 

To apply, email info@thefewerthings.com

⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply