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⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply

Teach English in China with China Meiyuan academy

💼 China Meiyuan academy
💰 Competitive Salary
Job Description:


1. English Native speakers inside of China or outside of China;

2. Bachelor degree and above in related subject;

3. Teaching license preferred

4. Minimum 2 years related subject and level teaching experience;

Job lists:

Position 1: Native Kindergarten teachers needed in Beijing,Shanghai,Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Ningbo,Nantong,Taizhou,Chengdu,Wuxi,Suzhou,ningbo,nanjing,Hangzhou,Harbin,Nanchang

Position 2: Beijing need primary school homeroom teachers, ESL teacher,Dance,PE, music and art teachers,PYP supervisor, middle school Math and science teacher, middle and high school physics,Math,biology,chemistry,computer science,philosophy,drama teachers in Aug 2024

Position 3: Suzhou need high school needs AP English language and composition,AP English Literature and composition,AP history teachers,high school biology,chemistry,math, physics,economics,psychology,Art teachers in Aug 2024

Position 4: Shanghai need AP Cal&AP STAT teachers, economics teacher in Aug

Position 5: Kunming need primary school music teacher in Aug 2024;

Position 6: Kunshan need middle school English teachers,IB IAS teacher

IB MYP Science teacher,IBDP Math teacher,lB Design/Art teacher,lB Chinese teacher,IB MYP Coordinator,IB TOK teacher,A-level Math,Physics,Chemistry,Biology,Economics,Business Management,Psychology,

Design Technology,Computer Science,English,A-Level Coordinator,A-Level Specialist in Aug 2024

Position 7: Guangzhou need PYP Homeroom Teacher,PYP&MYP Music Teacher,drama teacher

Position 8: Nantong need upper primary school teacher (IB PYP who can teach math, English, science), High school chemistry teacher, High school math teacher,PE teacher in Aug 2024

Position 9: Chengdu need female primary school homeroom teacher and kindergarten homeroom teacher in Aug 2024

Position 10: Changsha need female kindergarten homeroom teacher, middle&high school music,PE teacher, kindergarten&primary school music teacher in Aug

Position 11: Weihai need primary school ESL/Science/IT teacher in Aug 2024

Position 12: Dalian kids language center need native teachers 

Position 13: Nanjing need high school art teacher Aug 2024

Position 14: Shenzhen need high school drama teacher,Math, physics,Chemistry teacher,economics teacher, Social Studies Teacher in Aug 2024; primary school English teacher asap,primary school English teacher in Aug, secondary school English teacher in Aug(native teachers with teaching license preferred)

Position 15: Xi’an need primary school English teacher,homeroom teacher,Head of English department for primary school in Aug 2024

Position 16: Chongqing need middle school drama teacher in Aug 2024

Position 17: Hangzhou need AP/A-Level physics,Math,art teachers in Aug 2024

Position 18: Ningbo need Primary International Homeroom Teacher,Middle school English teacher,Senior school social sciences/humanities,English Literature teacher(AP) , high school math teacher(IB curriculum) , English&TOK teacher (IB curriculum) in Aug 2024

Position 19: Jinhua need primary school science teacher,PE teacher in Aug 2024

Position 20: Sanya need middle school IGCSE&Alevel English teacher in Aug 2024

Position 21: Tianjin need primary school drama and high school drama teacher,middle school English teacher, AP/A-level Math, physics,Chemistry,biology,economics teacher,head of math in Aug

Documents to apply

---a Resume/CV with a recent photo 

---a copy of your passport photo page

---a copy of degree and teaching certificate

Feel free to contact me if you are interested!

Email:  karenesl@126.com; eslbj01@126.com

WeChat: 17080150171


To apply, email eslbj01@126.com

⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply