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Teach English in Phatthalung, Thailand

English teaching jobs in Phatthalung

Nestled in the heart of southern Thailand, Phatthalung is a captivating province that boasts a unique blend of stunning natural beauty and rich cultural history. Though it might not be as famous as its coastal neighbors, Phatthalung offers a tranquil escape from the bustling tourist hotspots. With its serene lakes, lush rice fields, and majestic limestone cliffs, this province presents a picturesque backdrop for educators looking to immerse themselves in authentic Thai experiences. Its local population is warm and welcoming, offering a glimpse into traditional Thai life, far from the commercialized vibes of larger cities. For teachers seeking a more genuine connection with Thailand, Phatthalung beckons with open arms.

Reasons to Teach English in Phatthalung

1. Authentic Thai Experience:

Phatthalung remains relatively untouched by mass tourism. This allows educators the chance to experience a more genuine side of Thailand, where traditions are alive and the local way of life prevails.

2. Natural Beauty Aplenty:

From the mesmerizing Thale Noi Waterfowl Reserve to the ethereal beauty of the Phraya Nakhon Cave, Phatthalung is a haven for nature lovers. Teachers can spend weekends exploring these natural wonders.

3. Warm and Welcoming Locals:

The residents of Phatthalung are known for their friendliness. Teachers often find themselves invited to local gatherings, festivals, and other community events, fostering a deeper connection with the people and culture.

4. Low Cost of Living:

Being off the main tourist track, Phatthalung offers a more affordable lifestyle compared to bigger cities in Thailand. This allows teachers to live comfortably and even save while enjoying local delicacies and experiences.

5. Make a Real Impact:

With fewer native English speakers around, educators in Phatthalung have the chance to make a significant difference in their students' lives, providing them with valuable language skills that can open doors to future opportunities.

6. Learn and Grow:

Being in a less westernized environment challenges educators to adapt, learn, and grow both professionally and personally. This enriching experience adds immense value to one's teaching journey and personal development.

Understanding Phatthalung's Education Landscape

Phatthalung, being a more traditional and less touristy region of Thailand, holds education in high regard. The education system in Phatthalung mirrors that of the broader Thai system, with a strong emphasis on respect for teachers and a drive towards bilingual proficiency. As globalization continues to influence even the more remote parts of Thailand, there's an increasing demand for English language proficiency. In Phatthalung, local schools, both public and private, are keen to integrate English into their curriculum. This provides a fantastic opportunity for native English speakers and qualified non-native speakers to bring their expertise to this serene part of Thailand. Given the fewer number of foreigners in the area, native English-speaking teachers are especially in demand, which means they often have smaller class sizes, allowing for a more personalized teaching experience.

Eligibility and Requirements to Teach English in Phatthalung

The requirements to teach English in Phatthalung will be similar to the standard requirements for teaching English in Thailand, however, here are the specific requirements for Phatthalung:

  • A four-year degree in any major (bachelor’s degree or higher).
  • Language Proficiency: To be a native English speaker (NES) OR a non-native English speaker (NNES) with a TOEIC score of 600 or IELTS score of 5+. This test can be done in Thailand or in your home country.
  • Background Check: To pass a police background check in your home country.
  • Health Verification: To pass a simple health check.
  • TEFL Certification: A TEFL certificate is preferred, but not required.
  • Experience: Having prior teaching experience is preferred, but not necessary.
  • Cultural Interest: You should have an interest in Thailand and Thai culture, and be willing to adapt to the local customs and traditions.

Salary and Benefits for Teaching English in Phatthalung

In Phatthalung, the salary for English teachers may vary based on the institution, qualifications of the teacher, and the hours worked. However, the cost of living in this region is relatively low, allowing teachers to lead a comfortable lifestyle. On average:

  • Salary: English teachers can expect to earn between 25,000 to 55,000 THB per month.
  • Work Hours: Typically, teachers work from Monday to Friday, with weekends off. The number of teaching hours per week usually ranges from 20-25.
  • Holidays and Leave: Teachers can expect national holidays off and may also be entitled to paid leave.
  • Additional Benefits: Depending on the institution, teachers might receive bonuses, health insurance, and even assistance with visa and work permit processes.

Considering the enriching cultural experiences, the beauty of the province, and the respect teachers receive, Phatthalung offers a truly unique teaching environment.

Living in Phatthalung

Tucked away in southern Thailand, Phatthalung remains one of the country's hidden treasures. Living in Phatthalung offers a slice of genuine Thai lifestyle, away from the bustling tourist hubs. For those who wish to immerse themselves in traditional Thai culture while teaching English, Phatthalung provides an incomparable experience.

A Blend of Natural Beauty and Historical Significance

Phatthalung is bordered by the Songkhla Lake to the east, offering breathtaking lake views and a rich ecosystem. The province is also home to the renowned Thale Noi Waterfowl Reserve, a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. Majestic limestone cliffs and intricate cave systems, such as the Tham Phra Khao Chaison, beckon adventure seekers.

Cost of Living

One of the significant advantages of living in Phatthalung is the relatively low cost of living. Whether it's housing, transportation, or food, expenses here are substantially lower than in bigger cities like Bangkok or Chiang Mai. A delicious local meal can cost as little as 40-50 THB, and renting a comfortable apartment won't break the bank.

Local Culture and Traditions

Phatthalung is steeped in history and tradition. The province hosts various festivals throughout the year, like the Rap Bua ceremony, where locals offer lotus flowers to the Buddha. As a teacher living in Phatthalung, you'll have the unique opportunity to participate in these traditional events and gain a deeper understanding of Thai culture.


While Phatthalung doesn't have an extensive public transportation system like Bangkok, it offers songthaews (shared taxis) and tuk-tuks for local commutes. Bicycles and motorbikes are popular and convenient ways to explore the province, with rentals readily available.

Community and Social Life

Given its off-the-beaten-path nature, Phatthalung has a tight-knit community. The locals are friendly and often excited to interact with foreigners, making it easy for teachers to forge meaningful connections. While nightlife is more subdued compared to larger cities, there are local markets, quaint cafes, and serene spots by the lake to spend leisurely evenings.

Teacher Stories

1. Emma from the UK:

"When I first told my friends I was heading to Phatthalung to teach English, their first reaction was 'Where?' But that's precisely what drew me in. Living here has been a rewarding challenge. The warmth and hospitality of the locals have been overwhelming. I've been invited to numerous homes, events, and even temple ceremonies. I may have come to Phatthalung to teach, but I end up learning something new every day."

2. Mike from Canada:

"Teaching in Phatthalung has been a vastly different experience from my life in Toronto. Here, life moves at a more relaxed pace. On weekends, I love taking my bicycle and exploring the nearby natural wonders. The bond I've formed with my students is something I'll cherish for a lifetime."

3. Aisha from South Africa:

"I had previously taught in Bangkok, and while it was vibrant and bustling, I longed for a quieter place. That's how I ended up in Phatthalung. This town has a charm that's hard to put into words. The strong sense of community and the eagerness of the students to learn has made my teaching journey so worthwhile."

4. Patrick from New Zealand:

"Before Phatthalung, my idea of Thailand was primarily beaches and islands. But this place has given me a more profound appreciation of Thailand's rich culture and traditions. As a teacher, it's been incredible to be a part of a community where you're not just an outsider but an integral part of their daily lives."

Moving Towards Teaching English In Phatthalung

Phatthalung, with its serene landscapes and heartwarming community, offers a unique teaching experience in Thailand.

Teaching English here isn't just about imparting language skills. It's about cultural exchange, forming lifelong bonds, and discovering the lesser-trodden paths of Thailand. So, if you're looking for an authentic Thai experience, where every day brings forth learning and adventure, Phatthalung might just be your next teaching destination. Embrace the journey, for in Phatthalung, the classroom extends far beyond four walls.