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Teach English in Rayong, Thailand

English teaching jobs in Rayong

Rayong, located on Thailand's eastern Gulf coast, is a province often overshadowed by its more touristy neighbours. However, those who have experienced Rayong know that its tranquillity, combined with its pristine beaches and natural beauty, makes it a unique destination in Thailand. As a budding industrial city with a blend of locals and expatriates, Rayong is witnessing a growing demand for English education, paving the way for teachers to make a meaningful impact in the community.

Reasons to Teach English in Rayong

  1. Emerging Demand for English: With the development of industries and a slowly growing expatriate population, there's an increasing demand for English in Rayong. Schools and institutions are on the lookout for qualified teachers to cater to this need.

  2. Authentic Thai Experience: Unlike some of the more tourist-heavy areas of Thailand, Rayong offers teachers an opportunity to immerse themselves in an authentic Thai setting. This means genuine interactions, cultural festivities, and a chance to learn the local dialect.

  3. Natural Beauty: Rayong boasts some of Thailand's untouched beaches, tropical forests, and scenic islands like Koh Samet. Teachers can spend their weekends exploring these natural wonders.

  4. Affordable Cost of Living: While Rayong is developing, it still retains a cost of living that's more affordable than many western countries and even some parts of Thailand. This allows teachers to live comfortably, save money, and even travel around the region.

  5. Proximity to Tourist Destinations: While Rayong itself might be quieter, it's strategically located close to bustling tourist destinations like Pattaya, making weekend getaways convenient.

  6. Warm Community: The people of Rayong are known for their warmth and hospitality. As a teacher, you'll be welcomed into a community eager to share its traditions and learn from you in return.

  7. Opportunity for Growth: Teaching in Rayong can be a stepping stone for educators. With the rising demand for English, there are ample opportunities to take on leadership roles, curriculum development, or even start English workshops or camps.

Understanding Rayong's Education Landscape

Rayong's education landscape is a blend of traditional Thai schools, international schools, and language centers. With its growing industrial prominence, many locals are keen on improving their English proficiency to secure better job opportunities. This gives rise to the mushrooming of English language centers and the inclusion of English in school curricula. Moreover, the influx of expatriates due to industrial opportunities has also led to a demand for international schools, catering to various curriculums.

Eligibility and Requirements to Teach English in Rayong

The requirements to teach English in Rayong will be similar to the standard requirements for teaching English in Thailand. However, here are the specific requirements for Rayong:

  1. Bachelor's Degree: A degree from an accredited university is a standard requirement. The field of study isn't always a determining factor, but having a degree in Education or English can be beneficial.

  2. TEFL/TESOL Certification: Some schools might give preference to teachers with a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification, but it's not a formal requirement. A 120-hour course is generally considered the standard.

  3. Clean Criminal Record: As with many teaching jobs globally, a clean criminal background check is required.

  4. Experience: While not always a necessity, having prior teaching experience can give candidates an edge, especially for higher-paying positions or reputable institutions.

  5. Native English Speaker: Preference is often given to native English speakers from countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Ireland. However, non-native speakers with strong proficiency and relevant qualifications can also find opportunities.

Salary and Benefits for Teaching English in Rayong

  1. Salary Range: Teachers can expect a monthly salary of 25,000 to 40,000 Thai Baht, depending on their qualifications, the type of institution, and the hours worked.

  2. Health Insurance: Many educational institutions offer health insurance coverage, though the extent of the coverage might vary.

  3. Contract Duration: Most contracts are for one year, with the possibility of renewal based on performance.

  4. Vacation and Paid Leave: Teachers can expect national holidays off, along with a few weeks of paid leave annually. The specifics will vary based on the institution.

  5. Visa and Work Permit: Reputable schools will assist in obtaining a non-immigrant B visa and work permit for their teachers.

  6. End-of-contract bonuses: Some institutions offer bonuses upon the successful completion of a contract term, serving as an incentive for retention.

Living in Rayong

Rayong, a province located on Thailand's eastern seaboard, is often overlooked by tourists in favor of its famous neighbor, Pattaya. But for those who reside here, especially teachers, they get to enjoy a blend of modernity and tradition in a less frenetic environment than many other Thai cities.

Geographical Allure

Positioned by the Gulf of Thailand, Rayong boasts a 100-kilometer coastline dotted with serene beaches like Mae Phim and Laem Mae Phim. The coastline is less commercialized compared to other Thai beach destinations, offering a more relaxed and authentic beachside living experience.

Industrial and Economic Growth

Rayong is one of Thailand's major industrial provinces, home to the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate. While this might not sound attractive at first, the industrial growth has brought with it a range of modern amenities, shopping malls like Central Plaza Rayong, and improved infrastructure.

Nature and Outdoor Activities

For nature enthusiasts, the Khao Chamao-Khao Wong National Park offers lush landscapes, waterfalls, and caves. Rayong is also a gateway to the stunning Samet Island, a popular weekend getaway known for its pristine beaches.

Cultural Fabric

While Rayong is developing rapidly, it still maintains its traditional roots. There are various temples, markets, and local festivals that provide an insight into the region's rich cultural tapestry.

Cost of Living

Living in Rayong is generally more affordable than in larger cities like Bangkok. Accommodation, local food, and transportation costs are relatively low, allowing teachers to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and even save.

Local Cuisine

Being a coastal province, Rayong offers a plethora of seafood delicacies. Fresh fish, crabs, and other seafood are staples in local markets and restaurants. Apart from seafood, Rayong's fruit farms, especially durian farms, are renowned.


While Rayong is well-connected by road to other parts of Thailand, the local public transportation within the city is somewhat limited. Many residents opt for motorbikes or bicycles as their primary mode of transport.

Expat Community

Given the presence of the industrial sector, Rayong has a growing expatriate community. This has led to the establishment of international schools, Western restaurants, and other amenities catering to the expat population.

Teacher Stories

Sarah from the USA:

"I moved to Rayong from California two years ago, and it's been an enlightening journey. Rayong doesn't have the hustle and bustle of Bangkok or the tourist-packed streets of Phuket. Instead, I found a quiet, welcoming community eager to learn English. My students, ranging from kids to adults, show immense respect for teachers, and their enthusiasm for learning is infectious. The beaches here are an added bonus, offering a peaceful retreat after a week of teaching."

Liam from the UK:

"As someone who's taught in both Bangkok and Rayong, I can say they're worlds apart. Rayong offers a more genuine Thai experience. It's fascinating to be part of a city that's evolving rapidly due to its industrial growth while still holding onto its traditions. The local markets, the food, and the festivals here are unlike anything I've seen before."

Thabo from South Africa:

"Teaching in Rayong has been a blend of challenges and rewards. While it's essential to adapt to a different education system, the warmth of the students and the community makes the process worth it. Rayong has a laid-back charm, and the cost of living allows me to live comfortably and travel around Thailand during my breaks."

Mia from Australia:

"Rayong's beaches had me at hello! But more than the beaches, it's the local community that's made my teaching experience special. While there's a growing expat community, the city isn't overrun by foreigners, making it easier to immerse oneself in Thai culture and form genuine connections."

Connor from New Zealand:

"Rayong's proximity to islands like Samet means I have a vacation spot right at my doorstep. But beyond the geographical advantages, the school I work with has been incredibly supportive, helping me navigate the nuances of Thai education and ensuring I settle in comfortably."

Moving Towards Teaching English In Rayong

Rayong, with its blend of coastal charm and industrial growth, offers a unique teaching experience in Thailand. It's a destination for those who want to dive deep into Thai culture, away from the well-trodden paths of major tourist hubs.

Teaching in Rayong is not just about imparting English skills but also about building connections, understanding diverse cultures, and growing both professionally and personally. The city's evolving landscape means there's an increasing demand for English teachers, making now an opportune time to make a move.

While it may not have the bright lights of bigger cities, Rayong's genuine warmth, combined with its natural and cultural offerings, makes it a compelling choice for teachers from around the world.