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Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, SEE TEFL is now in its 14th year of TEFL Teacher Training with 2,000+ TEFL graduates from 40+ countries on 6 continents. SEE graduates range in age from 18 to 70 but are usually aged between 22 and 50 years old. Typical classes have a mix of males and females from a variety of countries, and backgrounds.
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I'm currently working in China and have now been teaching for four years at institutions ranging from universities to language school kindergartens. SEE's TEFL programme not only gave me the necessary qualification but the knowledge and confidence necessary to do a god job.
John and Ling were incredibly helpful at all times throughout the course. The course itself was thorough and hard work but John and Ling created a friendly atmosphere which put everyone at ease and I made some great friends on the course which made the experience all the more memorable.
I learnt how to structure and present lessons in a clear intelligible manner as well as reinforcing my knowledge of the English language and its myriad rules and minefields. This was equally important as students often ask teachers questions about grammar rules that native teachers take for granted but find it hard to explain!
On top of 6 teaching practices in various public schools for various ages and abilities the course also offered the opportunity to teach one-on-one lessons and mark students' work. All invaluable experience to apply for a job with full confidence.
Lastly, Chiang Mai is a great place to live or just visit for a month while completing the course!


July 20, 2022
While I have been teaching ESL/EFL informally for years, I wanted to get my certification and begin to do this professionally. After my research I settled on SEE TEFL as the best looking candidate and I was not disappointed! The classes were thorough and gave me a solid foundation to teach from and introduced me to some very effective techniques for teaching EFL, but the best part of the course was the observed teaching practices that gave me hands on experience in the local Thai schools. It was an intense course, but worth all the time, effort, and money I invested to attend. The instructors and staff are amazing people and excellent teachers. I also appreciate the assistance in getting set up to search for jobs and all the leads and advice they have offered. I would highly recommend this school!


January 27, 2021
Through SEE TEFL I was able to gain the confidence and experience needed to kick-start my life teaching English abroad. The internship program was challenging but made earning my TEFL certificate very hands-on and self-reflective. It was an amazing and very rewarding experience overall. Thank you SEE TEFL!


November 22, 2020

I took the 4-week TEFL course back in spring 2015. Any questions or worries that I had prior to arriving in Thailand were quickly resolved by emailing the school. John (the school’s director) would promptly reply to all of my inquiries, providing lots of useful information and explaining different visa options.

Once in Thailand, the course itself far exceeded my expectations. The class size was small, which created an intimate group setting. The lessons were engaging and really prepared us for the teaching practices by going over the theory and methodology of teaching English in an EFL environment. However, that’s not to say that the teaching practices were in any way easy. We spent many days and nights labouring over those first few lessons, making our lesson plans and creating our own teaching materials, but with each of those teaching practices (and the constructive feedback that went along with them) I felt more and more confident in front of a classroom.

I had zero teaching experience prior to attending SEE TEFL, but by the end of the program I really felt ready and excited to teach English in SE Asia. Although I had originally planned to go to Vietnam once the course was over, I ended up finding a job in Chiang Mai right away thanks to this course.

In short, I cannot recommend this school enough to anyone wishing to come teach English in SE Asia. The course is intense, but John and his team are there to help and encourage you every step of the way. And a special mention for Ying’s Thai lessons, which were always funny and interesting, and served as a great introduction to the Thai language and culture.