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Reputable Private English School Positions Public School Positions In Seoul And Gyeonggi Major Cities

ūüíľ ESL Consulging-SeoulESL
ūüďć Seoul, Korea
Job Description:

WHY FIND A JOB WITH Seoul ESL(ESL Consulting):https://www.eslcon.com/
- We have over ten years of experience connecting teachers with schools in Korea since 2005.
- Through our experience, we maintain a network of reputable public/private schools throughout all of Korea. Our assessment of schools is based mainly on feedback received from teachers that actually worked at these schools.
- We work with both public schools and private schools, and we are also affiliated with the EPIK and GEPIK programs as an official recruiter.
- We have various positions all throughout the year including Spring/Summer camp jobs and university positions

General Requirements:
- Bachelor’s Degree in any major- Be a native English speaker - Be a citizen of the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, or Australia. - 100hr + TEFL certification is required for EPIK and is also a big plus when applying to private schools.

General Benefits:

- Airfare- Furnished single apartment or housing allowance provided
- One-month severance pay upon fulfillment of the contract
- Pension and medical insurance
- 10 days~18 of paid vacation per year + Korean national holidays

For our full list of jobs and positions, please visit our website at 

Apply Now You can find various jobs starting ASAP to March 2022 in the area of Seoul, Bundang, Ilsan, Bucheon, Busan, Daejeon, Daegu, jeju, Jinju, Seojong, and other major cities and remote areas in Korea as well. https://www.eslcon.com/apply/

We ESL consulting is an official EPIK partner and if you are interested in teaching at a public school in Korea, we can help you. If you are interested in a public school teaching program (EPIK) send us your resume at epik@seoulesl.com 


Please send us your resume and a photo with your job preference at apply@seoulesl.com  and we will contact you shortly to discuss further your job opportunities in Korea.

SeoulESL (ESL Consulting Inc.)

Address: 534, 28 Saimdang-ro, Seocho-ku, Seoul, S. Korea 
Tel: 82-2-585-787

Email: esl@seoulesl.com


To apply, email apply@seoulesl.com

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