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⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply

English Teacher Needed in Taipei

Taipei Municipal Wenchang Elementary School
💼 Taipei Municipal Wenchang Elementary School
📍Taipei, Taiwan
💰 Up To 100,000 TWD per month
Elementary School
Housing Allowance
Flight Reimbursement
Medical Insurance
Job Description:

English Teacher in Taipei Municipal Wenchang Elementary School
Institution: Taipei Municipal Wenchang Elementary School
Location: Shilin, Taipei near Zhishan MRT station.
Available: August 1, 2023
Contact Info: 02-2836-5411 ext.111
Want to teach in a public bilingual school? Want something more challenging and different? Teach in Wenchang Bilingual Elementary School today! We are looking for a full-time English teacher. The working hours are 7:50am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday. ARC, Work permit & National Health Insurance are provided. Our school is located near Zhisan MRT station. So don't hesitate to send us your resume, if you can meet the following conditions:
(1) The official language of the nation (as the nationality shown on the passport) where the applicant is from must be English (2) Teaching license issued by the government of the home country (K-12) (required) (3) One year or more teaching experience
☆Country: Taiwan
☆Full or Part-Time: Full-time
☆Time: 7:50a.m.~4:00p.m.
☆When the Job is Available: August 1, 2023
☆School Address:
No.20, Lane 615, Wenling St., Shilin Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
(5 minutes walk from MRT Zhishan Station)


報名資格 Eligibility
The official language of the nation (as the nationality shown on the passport) where the applicant is from must be English. Identification of the official language of a nation is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan).
The applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited university or college.
以教育部外國大學校院參考名冊查詢系統所列校院為限。The list of the accredited universities and colleges is based on the Database for the Reference List of Foreign Universities from the Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan) website (list).
學位如係以遠距教學方式取得者,依國外學歷採認辦法及大學遠距教學實施辦法,其修習遠距教學學分數不得超過畢業總學分二分之一。Distance learning courses shall not exceed one-half of the total course hours.
(若學歷係屬於公告之25個國家核發者,須經我國駐外館處之驗證。Should the degree originate from the 25 countries listed below, degree authentication by the R.O.C. embassies and missions in the degree issuing nation is required. These countries include Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, according to Lao-Dong-Fa-Guan N. 10805088081.)
The applicant must hold a valid government-issued teaching license.
The license needs to be valid for the duration of the applicant’s employment.
(若所持任教資格證明文件係屬於公告之25個國家核發者,須經我國駐外館處之驗證。Should the teaching license originate from the 25 countries listed above, license authentication by the R.O.C. embassies and missions in the issuing nation is required.)
A criminal record certificate/police check issued within 6 months before submitting the application.
(若行為良好證明文件係屬於公告之25個國家作成者,須經我國駐外館處之驗證。Should the criminal record certificate/police check originate from the 25 countries listed above, authentication by the R.O.C. embassies and missions in the issuing nation is required.)

The following documents are also required for application of FET in Taipei:
簡要自傳Statement of Purpose
A statement of purpose within 700-1500 words. The applicant may include the following aspects in the statement of purpose: your motivation for applying, your background, why you are a good fit for our positions, your career plan, any relevant research and industry experience, the objectives you wish to accomplish during your time in Taiwan, and your perspective and philosophy of teaching.
教學短片Teaching Demonstration Video
The video needs to be 4-5 minutes in length, showing you teaching a specific
topic, concept, or a particular language skill.
教學年資服務證明書Proof of Teaching Experience
The proof of work experience should be issued by your previous employers.

School Interview Date: Negotiable

備註: 學校聘任外籍英語教師,應比照高級中等以下學校兼任代課及代理教師聘任辦法之「流程」,公開甄選及教師評審委員會審查等。(外籍英語教師非兼任、代課或代理教師)

錄取公告 Acceptance
Accepted candidates will receive a notice via email from the school.
(請注意,收到學校的結果通知並不意味著您已正式錄取。Please note that receiving the notice from the school does not mean you have been officially accepted by both the school and the MOE.)
聘用外籍人士工作,雇主必須準備好必要的文件並向教育部提交外師聘僱許可申請,外國人應為其雇主提供護照複印件、畢業證書、政府教師證書和相關證明以便其雇主申請外師聘僱許可。When the applicant is recruited to work in Taiwan, the employer must then prepare the necessary documents and submit an application for a work permit to the MOE. The applicant should provide proof of education, passport copies, diplomas, government-issued teaching license, and relevant documents for their employer to apply for the work permit.
雇主申請外師聘僱許可經審核通過後,外國人才能購買來臺機票並在臺工作。After the employer’s application for the work permit is approved, the applicant can purchase an airline ticket to Taiwan and begin work.
聘僱起薪日係指外籍英語教師已取得教育部核發之工作許可後,並於入境後完成衛生福利部疾病管制署規定之檢疫措施後,於學校指定地點完成報到手續次日起算。Employment/Pay Start Date means the day after Party B has acquired the Work Permit issued by the Ministry of Education, completed the entry quarantine procedures required by the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (Taiwan CDC), Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW), and completed all the procedures required by the school.

薪酬和其他福利Remuneration and Other Benefits
1. 月薪Monthly Salary
(按外籍英語教師之最高學歷與教學年資核計薪級Depending on highest education attainment and teaching seniority)
學士學位Holders of a bachelor’s degree: NT$ 65,230~85,380.
碩士學位Holders of a master’s degree: NT$ 72,760~94,980.
博士學位Holders of a doctoral degree: NT$ 75,950~100,010.
Teaching Seniority shall be calculated according to the period for which Party B has taught at a domestic or overseas public junior high or high school or elementary school or a legally registered domestic private junior high or high school or elementary school. In addition, the seniority of experiences prior to the acquisition of the teacher certificate, part-time teaching, intern teaching, service less than one year of teaching experience, or as a headmaster/headmistress/principal will not be considered.
2. 租房補助Rental Reimbursements
The employer should offer a housing allowance if accommodations cannot be provided. In general, an individual is provided with a housing allowance of NT$5,000 per month while a family is provided with NT$10,000 per month.
(Exception: The allowance is not applicable if the employer provides your accommodation or you live on your own-acquired property. If you and your cohabitant are employed by the same English teaching program, only one shall claim the housing allowance. The maximum amount for housing allowance is NT$10,000.)
3. 提供健康保險和勞工保險Health insurance and labor insurance are provided.
4. 機票補助Flight Reimbursement
The maximum subsidy for the single/return trips of flight tickets shall be NT$40,000 each trip based on the actual amount spent.

Any matter not covered in this brochure shall be handled in accordance with relevant regulations.

⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply