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⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply

Kindergarten Primary Middle Schools Up To University And Adult Education Competitive Payment In Chengdu Giant

💼 Enfly Education
💰 Competitive Salary
Job Description:

Enfly Education is a professional recruiting company. We specialize in placing different people from different countries to teach as English teachers or other subjects teachers according to your qualification, experience and specialty.

We have already helped thousands of people work in different public or private schools, and centers from kindergarten, primary, middle schools up to university and adult education since the year 2000.

 We focus on people who are from English native speaking countries, or who are from non-English native speaking countries ,related certificate in any subject or skills like English/Art/Dance/Music/Drama/PE/Maths

School Type: Kindergarten,Primary School,Secondary school, Interantional high School,training center,college

teaching major:

1. Applied electronic technology

2. Computer Application Technology (Artificial Intelligence Direction of the Collaborative Education Project of the Ministry of Education)

3. Information Security and Management (co built with 360 Company)

4. Software Technology (Collaborative Education Project of the Ministry of Education)

5. Internet of Things application technology (jointly built by schools and enterprises)

Documents need to be prepared in advance:

Notarised bachelor degree or above in any field
Notarised clearance certificate/non-criminal check/background check
At least 2 years related working experience after graduation or notarised TEFL certificate( TEFL is for English teacher only)
cv ( should include high school education details, emalil address, phone number)

Wechat: H1660628496 

E-mail: teachinsc2023@126.com

Phone number: 0086-18683954959 

To apply, email mailto:teachinsc2023@126.com">teachinsc2023@126.com

To apply, email teachinsc2023@126.com

⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply