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⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply

Live Well And Save Money In Harbin Paid Training Western Managed 16Krmb Bonus

💼 Joy English School
💰 Competitive Salary
Flight Reimbursement
Paid Holidays
Job Description:

LIVE WELL AND SAVE MONEY in Harbin! Paid Training, Western Managed + 16,000RMB Bonus, 42 days paid holiday, 20 hours a week, No boring admin work!

English Teacher positions:
At JOY, we offer a highly competitive monthly salary (11,000-14,000) plus a 16,000 RMB annual bonus (3,000 RMB every 3 months, then 7,000 upon contract completion), plus a 500 RMB monthly full attendance bonus AND free accommodation in private furnished modern apartments in new buildings with all utilities (including high speed internet) paid. AND 3 long fully paid holidays every year (42 days approx.). You will teach our well-tested and fun curriculum 20 hours a week (plus four office hours) in a great environment to motivated young learners aged 5 to 18. Unlike many other schools our foreign teachers have no additional boring administrative responsibilities, giving you lots of free time to enjoy life in China. Full training, curriculum, and all teaching materials are provided and our Western Management team and Chinese teachers and support staff are always there to assist you.

Add to this our practically limitless increased earning potential through voluntary overtime (Several teachers double their salary every month) and Harbin’s amazingly low cost of living and you can see why Joy is the right choice for you.

Applicants currently outside China are welcome to apply. Entering China is now easier than in any recent years. The visa process is now back to pre-COVID levels, quarantine is the shortest it has ever been, and airfare prices are dramatically reduced. To help with travel costs many locations offer a one-off travel bonus of 5000RMB, paid upon arrival in Harbin.

Find us on Facebook (Joy Children's Language School Harbin or Joy School Harbin) to connect with existing teachers and find out more about the school.

Joy Children’s Language School, established in 1981, has over 100,000 students across mainland China and Taiwan. Joy Harbin is the most successful franchise in mainland China. We have 14 locations in the city with 10,500 students, more than 40 foreign teachers and we are expanding all the time. As an English teacher at Joy you will receive first class (fully paid) training and ongoing support from our experienced Western (English and Canadian) management team.

We believe that taking excellent care of our teachers and providing them with opportunities to grow and develop is the key to a successful school. As a result we go far above and beyond the standard in China to ensure that our teachers are satisfied with their career with Joy. As a result our average length of service is over 3 years, which is almost unheard of in a Chinese language school.

We are seeking several teachers who are native English speakers from the US, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, or South Africa. Teaching experience is preferred but not required as full training will be given to selected candidates. Only NATIVE English speakers should apply.

Joy salary and benefits:
Starting salary between 11,000-14,000RMB (depending on experience) with no Chinese income tax per month, rising by 500RMB after 6 months.
20 teaching hours and 4 office hours per week.
Extensive opportunities for voluntary paid overtime, or to permanently increase your teaching hours for a higher salary (some existing teachers earn 100% additional income by doing overtime).
500RMB raise every 6 months.
16,000RMB yearly contract bonus based on attendance and performance, with 3000RMB paid out every three months and 7000RMB paid on completion of contract.
Additional 500RMB monthly full attendance bonus.
Free private modern apartment in a new building with all utilities paid.
5 working days each week with 2 days off.
Three Joy holidays during the year: Spring Festival, Summer Vacation and October Holiday; 42 days of paid holiday (approximately) which are fully paid at the end of the contract. These holidays provide excellent opportunities for travel, which most other private schools cannot offer.
Free Chinese lessons – Free Chinese text books and subsidized HSK exam.

Career Development:
Our Senior Teacher Management Development Program is open to all our teachers meeting the required standards of performance.
Senior teachers are trained to take on additional responsibilities such as; training, curriculum development, coaching and management.
Senior teachers receive a 1000RMB higher base monthly salary and are not required to work office hours.
Senior teachers from our school have gone on to take up management positions in Joy branches throughout China.
Additional training is provided in specialist teaching methods for VIP students, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEFL Jr. SAT, GRE exam preparation for selected teachers.

Travel Opportunities:
Last year, 4 of our teachers had the opportunity to represent the school in events in other Chinese cities and internationally, all expenses paid.
UK summer camp
USA summer camp
Shanghai speech contest judging
Chengdu speech contest judging
These opportunities are open to all our teachers and we anticipate further opportunities later this year and beyond.

We are a private school. We are not recruiters or an agency. Teachers who are hired work exclusively for Joy Children's Language School.

Why are we different from other schools?
See the table below to see how we compare to other schools in China:

How do the other schools you have talked to measure up?

The city of Harbin (as with the rest of Heilongjiang Province) has an extremely low cost of living (especially when compared to Beijing, Shanghai, or southern China) so it is very easy to save a lot of your salary for traveling, sending home, or building savings. It is easy to live well on half your salary or less, leaving the rest for travel, fun, or savings.

Harbin is the capital city of Heilongjiang Province in Northeast China; it is the heart of historic Manchuria, birthplace of both the Manchu culture and the Mandarin language. The most standard form of Mandarin is spoken in Harbin, so it's the perfect place to study Chinese and to benefit from our free Chinese lessons.

Harbin is a vibrant modern city, mixing traditional Chinese and Russian heritage with contemporary western influences. The 10th most populated city in China, Harbin is situated on the south bank of the Songhua River. In summer the city comes alive with outdoor activities: the center of the city features classic Russian architecture and is lined with outdoor restaurants and German-style beer gardens and it's a short boat ride to the northern bank of the river where you can visit extensive parkland and the Siberian Tiger Reserve.

In the winter Harbin boasts the world famous Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, with colossal ice sculptures throughout the city, skating, ice slides, and sledding. Harbin is just a short train ride from China's premier ski resort Yabuli. A day trip including a return train ticket, equipment rental, and a full-day skiing or snowboarding pass can cost less than 200RMB ($30USD). Several other excellent ski resorts are a short bus ride form the city, where full day ski/snowboarding trips can cost less than 100RMB ($15USD).

Social Activities:
Having over 40 foreign teachers and hundreds of Chinese staff, we have a strong sense of community. Our foreign teachers regularly socialize together and form lasting friendships. The school also organizes regular free and subsidized social events such as snowboarding and ski trips, beach barbecues, sports activities, luxury Christmas dinners, Halloween costume parties to name but a few.

Joy is a private school and classes are held on weekday afternoons and evenings, and weekends. Because of this schedule there is a lot of free time during the week. It's a great opportunity for those of you who have hobbies, like to experience new things or just enjoy relaxing but have never had the time.

We also provide:
Airport pick up, local tour and assistance to acclimatize after arrival
Utilities and internet paid
Fully legal Working Z visa
Resident Permit
Foreign Experts Certificate
Free emergency medical and accident insurance

Joy classes all follow a structured curriculum. All materials, books, teaching guides, props, posters, DVDs, etc. are provided at the schools. There is no need to search the internet for class ideas or materials.
Most of our classes use interactive smart boards, with predesigned lesson content and fun classroom activities already built in, making lesson planning much less of a chore.
You will receive one-on-one training with a Canadian trainer who has worked at Joy for over 10 years.
You will have the opportunity to observe other teacher’s classes, have assistance preparing your lessons, and practice teaching before you start your first live classes.
Your trainers and the rest of the western management team will provide a high level of feedback, coaching, and ongoing support to enable you to excel.
The atmosphere here is very light-hearted and fun in the classrooms, but we are dedicated to providing the best education for our students. Joy's motto and approach to teaching is: “Learning is Fun”. We play lots of activities and games while teaching English to our young students. Class sizes are small, 15 or fewer students for Kindergarten and 20 or fewer for Elementary level classes.

What Joy needs:
All candidates should be responsible, hard-working, energetic, creative, and fun-loving to teach English to children aged five to 18. Full training is provided but you must have the ability to take the information you’ve learned and apply it in your own classes.

Candidates may apply by emailing a cover letter, resume, college degree, TESOL/TEFL certificate and recent photo to:

Neil Draycott, Managing Director

Please include when you are available and outline any previous teaching experience you have or experience with children, as well as any questions you might have at that time. Initial contracts are for one year.

Find us on Facebook (Joy Children’s Language School Harbin or Joy School Harbin) to connect with existing teachers and find out more about the school.

To apply, email joyharbinrec@163.com

Website: http://163.com

⛔ This job has expired, please do not apply