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Teach English in Tainan, Taiwan

Tainan, fondly referred to as "The Old Capital", stands as Taiwan's most historically significant city. Located in the southern part of Taiwan, Tainan is an enchanting blend of rich history, intricate temples, traditional festivals, and delectable street food. Unlike the bustling metropolises of Taipei or Kaohsiung, Tainan exudes a more laid-back vibe, which makes it perfect for those wanting to immerse themselves in the Taiwanese culture at a gentler pace.

Established by the Dutch East India Company as a ruling and trading base, Tainan became the island's capital during the subsequent Ming and Qing dynasties. As you walk its winding streets, you'll encounter numerous well-preserved temples, reflecting the city's deep reverence for its past. The tales of battles, uprisings, and ancient ceremonies linger in the air, making Tainan a dream come true for history buffs.

But don't mistake Tainan's reverence for the past as being stuck in time. The city is very much modern, with contemporary cafes, art galleries, and boutiques sprouting amidst its historical landmarks. Tainan is also known for its educational institutions, fostering a culture of learning and creating a demand for quality English education. This provides an invaluable opportunity for foreign teachers to leave an impact on a new generation while absorbing the profound cultural experiences that Tainan has to offer.

For those eager to make memories, to stand at the crossroads of history and modernity, and to make meaningful contributions as educators, Tainan beckons!

Reasons to Teach English in Tainan

A Historical Haven: As Taiwan’s oldest city, Tainan is a living museum. Teaching here means not only imparting knowledge but also receiving daily lessons in history just by walking through the city's ancient streets and temples.

The Culinary Capital: Tainan is often hailed as Taiwan's food capital. From its famed Danzai noodles to the savory rice cakes, the local cuisine offers an exciting palate of flavors. Engaging with students often extends to local food recommendations, making each day a gastronomic adventure.

Festive Spirit: Tainan is renowned for its festivals, from the ethereal Lantern Festival to the vibrant Dragon Boat Festival. These events offer teachers unique insights into local customs and traditions, allowing for a deeper connection with students and the community.

Close-knit Community: Unlike the sprawling urban cities, Tainan’s relatively smaller size encourages a close-knit community feeling. It's not uncommon for teachers to form lasting bonds with their students and their families, enriching the teaching experience.

Affordability: The cost of living in Tainan is generally lower than in bigger Taiwanese cities. This means teachers can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, save money, and still indulge in everything the city has to offer.

Striking a Balance: While Tainan cherishes its past, it isn’t resistant to the new. Modern amenities, shopping centers, and recreational areas seamlessly blend with the historical landmarks. This balance ensures that teachers have access to contemporary comforts while still experiencing the city’s rich heritage.

Natural Beauty: Just a short drive from the city center, teachers can explore serene beaches, verdant mountains, and scenic hot springs. Weekends can turn into mini-vacations, providing a refreshing break from the weekly routine.

An Engaging Student Base: Due to Tainan’s academic atmosphere, students are often highly motivated and eager to learn. This creates a fulfilling teaching environment where educators can see tangible growth in their students.

In essence, Tainan offers teachers a chance to truly live the Taiwanese experience, providing a wealth of cultural insights, delicious food, and memorable interactions. It's a city where every day feels like a new chapter in a captivating story.

Understanding Tainan's Education Landscape

Public Schools: Much like other cities in Taiwan, Tainan’s public school system is a significant employer of English teachers. These institutions are spread across the city, from bustling urban centers to serene suburbs. They provide a structured curriculum, and teachers typically work during regular school hours. These positions often come with the added prestige of working in the national education system and can offer a comprehensive view of the Taiwanese academic landscape.

Buxibans (Cram Schools): In Tainan, the buxiban culture is alive and thriving. These private tutoring centers are dedicated to improving students' academic performances, and English is a prime subject. The hours can vary, with many classes occurring in the late afternoon and evening after students finish their regular school day. It’s an energetic environment, and the small class sizes allow for more personalized teaching experiences.

Private Schools: Tainan houses a number of private educational institutions that offer bilingual or international curriculums. These schools often have smaller class sizes than public schools and may follow a Western academic calendar. English teachers here can expect to have more flexibility in their teaching methods and often work with a diverse group of students.

Universities: Tainan is home to some prominent universities, and there’s a growing demand for English lecturers. These positions typically require advanced degrees and previous teaching experience. University roles can be highly rewarding, as they often involve working with students specializing in English or those preparing for international careers.

Adult Learning Centers: With Tainan's business and tourism sectors on the rise, there’s an increasing demand for adult English education. These centers offer courses in business English, conversational skills, or even preparation for English proficiency tests. Teaching adults can be a refreshing change, as the students often bring a high level of motivation and real-world experience to the classroom.

Institutions Focusing on Cultural Exchange: Some schools in Tainan have programs specifically designed around cultural exchange. Here, English teaching is interwoven with cultural lessons, giving educators the chance to share their own backgrounds while immersing themselves in Taiwanese traditions.

Online Teaching: As with the global trend, Tainan has seen a rise in online English teaching platforms. These allow for flexibility in terms of hours and location, making it a good option for those seeking a balance between work and exploration.

Eligibility and Requirements

Before diving into the vibrant teaching scene in Tainan, it’s essential to ensure you meet the necessary prerequisites to teach English. While most of the general requirements to teach English in Taiwan apply to Tainan, here’s a breakdown of what’s required, with some specifics for Tainan:

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree: Most schools and educational institutions in Tainan, like the rest of Taiwan, prefer teachers to have a Bachelor's Degree in any subject. It serves as a primary criterion for a work visa. Associates Degree with TEFL: While a Bachelor's Degree is standard, those with an Associate's Degree can still be eligible, provided they also have a TEFL certification.

TEFL/TESOL Certification

While not mandatory for all schools, having a TEFL or TESOL certificate can give you an edge during job applications, especially at private schools and buxibans in Tainan. Some institutions might even consider it essential.

Native English Speaker

Most schools in Tainan prefer native English speakers, particularly those with passports from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, or South Africa. However, the city's inclusivity means that non-native speakers with strong qualifications and proficiency can also find opportunities.

Teaching Experience

Having prior teaching experience is a plus but not a strict necessity in Tainan. The city's education landscape is vast, with institutions catering to various levels of expertise, from seasoned educators to fresh graduates.

Criminal Background Check

To ensure the safety of students, teachers are usually required to provide a national criminal background check. Minor traffic violations won’t be a hindrance, but serious offenses could be a deal-breaker.

Health and Age

Teachers should be in good physical and mental health. Typically, the minimum age requirement is 20 years. Some schools might have medical check-ups as part of their hiring process.

Passion and Open-mindedness

Tainan, with its rich history and culture, is an amalgamation of traditions and modernity. Having a genuine interest in Taiwanese culture, combined with a passion for the English language, will make your teaching journey here more enriching. Contractual Agreements:

Be prepared to commit to at least a one-year contract with most schools. It's also a good idea to familiarize oneself with Taiwan's labor laws to understand work hours, holidays, and overtime rules.

Salary and Benefits

Teaching English in Tainan provides an opportunity not only for a cultural and professional journey but also a financially rewarding one. Given Tainan's increasing prominence in Taiwan's education sector, the city offers competitive salaries and benefits. Here's a detailed outlook on what you can expect:

Salary Ranges by Institution Type

Public Schools: Between 60,000 and 70,000 NT$ per month. Private Schools: Ranging from 50,000 to 60,000 NT$ per month. Buxibans (Cram Schools): The pay can vary widely based on the institution's reputation, ranging from 40,000 to 70,000 NT$ per month. International Schools: These prestigious institutions offer salaries between 80,000 and 200,000 NT$ per month, contingent on experience and qualifications. Universities: Typically, you can expect around 55,000 NT$ per month, with potential bonuses for research and publications.

Cost of Living

While Tainan offers competitive salaries, it's essential to understand the cost of living. Fortunately, Tainan is generally more affordable than cities like Taipei. Accommodation, local transportation, and food are relatively economical, allowing teachers to save a good portion of their salaries.

Professional Development Opportunities

Many institutions, especially international schools and universities, offer professional development opportunities. This can range from workshops and seminars to partial funding for advanced degrees or certifications.

Living in Tainan

Tainan, often referred to as the "Cultural Capital of Taiwan," has an alluring blend of ancient traditions, captivating history, and contemporary lifestyle. Living here as an English teacher means more than just a job – it's an immersive experience in a city that has effortlessly married its storied past with the modern world.


While Tainan's housing market is more affordable than that of larger cities like Taipei, it's essential to choose the right neighborhood to suit your needs. Popular residential areas among expatriates and teachers include Anping and East District. Many schools offer housing or a housing stipend, but if you're looking on your own, you can expect to pay around 6,000 to 12,000 NT$ for a comfortable apartment.


Tainan's transportation network is comprehensive and convenient. Buses are the primary mode of public transport and are quite affordable. Many residents also opt for scooters, which offer flexibility in navigating the city's streets. Bicycles are another popular choice, given Tainan's flat terrain. If you're looking to travel outside the city, the Tainan train station connects you to other parts of Taiwan effortlessly.

Food and Dining

One of Tainan's crown jewels is its culinary scene. From street food to upscale restaurants, the city offers a plethora of options that are both delicious and affordable. Be sure to try local specialties such as Danzai noodles, coffin bread, and shrimp rice rolls. Dining out is an integral part of the local culture, and it's common for meals to be both tasty and budget-friendly.

Entertainment and Leisure

Tainan is home to numerous historical sites, temples, and cultural landmarks. Chihkan Tower, Koxinga Shrine, and Anping Old Fort are must-visits. For those who love shopping, the city boasts bustling night markets like Dadong and Wusheng. If you're seeking green spaces, the Tainan Metropolitan Park provides a serene environment to relax.

Social and Cultural Experiences

Engaging with the local community is one of the best ways to truly understand Tainan's rich cultural tapestry. Attend traditional festivals, join language exchange meetups, or participate in local workshops. The city is known for its warmth and hospitality, making it easy to build lasting relationships.

Safety and Healthcare

Tainan is a safe city with a low crime rate. As with all places, it's always wise to take basic precautions, especially when out late at night. When it comes to healthcare, Tainan is well-equipped with both public and private hospitals. As a legal worker, you'll be covered under Taiwan's National Health Insurance, ensuring access to quality medical care.

Teacher Stories

Anna from Australia

"When I first considered teaching abroad, Taiwan wasn't even on my radar. But after hearing about Tainan's rich culture and history, I was intrigued. Now, a year later, I can't imagine being anywhere else. The students are eager to learn, the local teachers are supportive, and the community is incredibly welcoming. Plus, there's nothing like wandering through the ancient streets of Tainan and discovering a new local delicacy. I've not only grown as a teacher but also as a person."

Liam from the UK

"Coming to Tainan was a bit of a leap of faith for me. I was seeking a quieter experience than the bustling mega-cities, and Tainan offered just that. It's been a beautiful journey of immersing myself in a city so steeped in history. Teaching here has been rewarding, with students who are genuinely curious about the world. I've made lifelong friends and memories I'll cherish forever."

Mara from the USA

"My two years in Tainan have been nothing short of amazing. I came here straight out of college, unsure of what to expect. The small class sizes and dedicated co-teachers made my transition into teaching smooth. Outside of work, I've relished the city's artsy vibe, often attending local theater productions or art fairs. Tainan feels like home now, and I can't recommend it enough to others looking for a fulfilling teaching experience."

Dylan from South Africa

"Every day in Tainan feels like a new adventure. From its historical temples to the vibrant night markets, there's always something to explore. My students are enthusiastic and often surprise me with their insights. But it's the camaraderie among the international teaching community that stands out. We support one another, share resources, and often travel together during holidays."

Isabel from New Zealand

"I initially planned to stay in Tainan for just a year, but I've extended my contract twice now. It's hard not to fall in love with the city's charm. As a teacher, the progress I see in my students is incredibly rewarding. And personally, I've learned so much about Taiwanese culture, tried my hand at traditional crafts, and even picked up some Mandarin. It's been a transformative experience."

Moving Towards Teaching English In Tainan

As the pages of these stories turn, the allure of Tainan becomes increasingly evident. Tainan, with its rich tapestry of history, culture, and opportunity, stands as an idyllic backdrop for English teachers from around the world. Its storied streets whisper tales of the past, while its schools resonate with the eager voices of students waiting to embark on their own linguistic journeys.

If you're on the precipice of making a decision about where to teach English abroad, Tainan beckons with open arms. While the city promises a deep dive into traditional Taiwanese culture, it simultaneously offers all the modern amenities to make your stay comfortable and enriching.

In addition to the tangible rewards such as a competitive salary and benefits, Tainan offers something more profound, the chance to grow, both professionally and personally. The experiences recounted by teachers, the friendships forged, the challenges overcome, and the indelible mark left by this city on their hearts are testaments to this.

Teaching English in Tainan is not just about imparting English knowledge. It's about mutual learning, about immersing oneself in a community that values education, and about forging relationships.

As you contemplate your next steps, remember that teaching in Tainan is more than a job, it's an adventure, a cultural exchange, and a unique chapter in your life's story. So, as the city's ancient temples stand tall and its vibrant streets beckon, take the leap and let Tainan be your next teaching location.