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Teaching Job In Utsunomiya Japan With Advancement Opportunities

💼 Adventure English
💰 Competitive Salary
Medical Insurance
Job Description:

Adventure English is a family owned and operated private English conversation school located in Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan. Our school is about 45minutes from Tokyo by bullet train and about 90 minutes by local train. https://english-a.com/

Most of our students are in preschool or elementary school. We are a sister school with the Pacific Language School in Tokyo, and use the PLS system to teach kids English. Our school

opened in 2016. Our school is growing quickly with about 260 students.

We need help. That`s where you come in. We`re looking for a friendly native English speaker, to teach English to small children. You must love playing with kids, be willing to learn the PLS system, and be able to tolerate life in Japan.  You must have a bright and friendly smile and have a real passion for teaching children English. Must have attended school in the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K., Australia, or New Zealand for at least eight years.

Experience teaching small children in Japan is a plus. Adventure English will provide teacher training through the Pacific Language School in Tokyo. Duties include planning lessons, record keeping, teaching, helping with special events, and helping keep the school clean. The school is open Tuesday through Saturday.

We are offering a renewable annual contract. Vacation time is about two weeks in August and about 10 days over Christmas and New Year’s, as well as all national holidays. Pay is ¥250,000~¥300,000/mo before tax. Work hours are 35 hours/wk average.  We are looking for a teacher who can start sometime between December and April.  We look forward to hearing from you. For our students` benefit please don`t contact us by phone.

Other benefits include:

-Social Insurance (Japanese pension and health insurance)SYAKAI HOKEN

-10,000 yen perfect attendance bonus per month.

-50,000 yen for transportation to Utsunomiya

-Up to 50,000 yen for an apartment contract fee.

-We will pay for city-provided Japanese classes.

-Up to 10,000 yen per month for daily transportation to work.

※We are also looking for a part time native English teacher 

To apply click this link


 to check your requirements.  Then you will be notified of where to send your resume.

Website: https://forms.gle/BZ4D1VTC1iYGXm147

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☝️ Click here to apply directly on the schools website.

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